From wherever you have traveled or have been led on your spiritual journey, we, the Catholic community of Oneonta, are glad you are among us. We invite you to make yourself at home and consider joining our Christian way of life, worship and service.

Our Mission Statement...

"To feed, care and connect"


Fr. James O'Rourke will first preside on the weekend of 13/14 August 2022.

Welcoming receptions for both Fr. O'Rourke and Fr. Welch are to be held after each Mass on 27/28 August 2022.

Opera with thought provoking religious themes at Glimmerglass

This season The Glimmerglass Festival is offering a double bill [two one act opera] Taking up Serpents and Holy Ground. 

In Taking Up Serpents, twenty-five-year-old Kayla is the estranged daughter of a fire-and-brimstone preacher who is dangerously bitten by one of his own snakes. Kayla’s journey home forces her to confront her troubled upbringing. Taking Up Serpents calls into question faith, family, and destiny, with shocking results.

Holy Ground. Three archangels drown their sorrows. The Messiah is late and the 489th Virgin has turned down the opportunity to birth him. Can a rookie angel persuade a modern girl to take on the task, staving off the apocalypse? Parked at the intersection of satirical fantasy and divine comedy, Holy Ground reminds us that someone had to choose to save the world.

CLICK HERE for The Glimmerglass Festival website to purchase tickets.  CLICK HERE to go directly to the operas and their synopsizes. Thru 20 Augsut 2022.

For a 22% discount to Saint Mary's parishioners for the Double Bill: Serpents and Holy Ground use the code: INTHEHOUSE22

This discount is only eligible on price levels I-V. Price level VI is excluded from this offer. This offer may not be used on previously purchased tickets and may not be combined with other offers. Thank you for supporting the arts; we hope you enjoy the show(s)! 

On leaving...a reflection on Abraham

To leave Ur of the Chaldees, to leave everyone and everything; to give up everything; to go away with nothing. Just to break all ties and bonds; to go away with nothing.

To leave Ur of the Chaldees, to leave on God’s command. The voice of God says, “Go,give up everything and go; leave Ur of the Chaldees, into the desert, into the night!”

To leave Ur of the Chaldees with only God as a pledge, into the country of all joy and all abundance, into an innumerable offspring, numberless as the sands of the seashore, numerous as the stars in the sky, to leave on God’s command, to leave Ur of the Chaldees.

Refundable Bottle / Can Collection

The Peace and Justice refundable bottle and can collection for the year will begin for the year on April 23rd and 24th  and continue every third weekend through October 15th and 16th. Collection will begin at 9 am and continue until after mass each weekend. Please make sure ALL bottles and cans are to be Nickel refundable in NY and empty.  NO wine, sports drink, or juice containers.  The recyclable container will be in front of the parish garage.  Thank you for your support of our ministry to help those in need.

Spiritual Direction

The role of the Catholic Spiritual Director is to assist an individual on their personal path of spiritual growth. A spiritual director listens and offers insight to assist an individual to discern the unique way God is calling them to live a life of faith in Jesus Christ and to recognize the promptings and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

For the full NYTimes article CLICK HERE

We offer links below to people seeking such spiritual companionship and discernment.

Spiritual Director, Cindy Korb

Website: www.cindykorb.com; Email: [email protected]; Phone: 607.267.0539

Spiritual Director, Diane DeDominicis

Email addresses: [email protected] or [email protected]

The Consultation Center of the Albany Roman Catholic Diocese, offers information about spiritual direction on their website which includes a listing of trained spiritual directors.

Website: www.consultationcenteralbany.org See the upper menu under Spiritual Direction

Requiem aeternam... Eternal rest

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual life shine upon them. May they rest in peace.


Mary Cerra, James Knowles, Sonia Torres, Ann Briguglio, Douglas Davidson, Eleanor Beers, Joan Fuller, Catherine Trask, David Downie, Ruth Healy, Ronald Marsh, Sandra Rynkiewicz, Catherine Trask, Helen Rittlinger, Paul Vegari, Alfred Ouimet, Thomas Opramolla, Gary Thompson, Catherine Tisenchek, Margaret Morales, Alice Welch, Marie O'Malley, Francis Sullivan, Richard Sheehy, Radames DeRosario, Kathy Stryker, Mary Antonucci

Are You Grieving?

"I sat with my anger long enough...until she told me her real name was Grief".

Saint Mary's Consolation Group meets on the THIRD THURSDAY of each month; Future meetings will take place at 10:00 AM  July 21, August 18, September 15, October 20, November 17 and December 15 at St. Mary's Rectory. If you are grieving the loss of a loved one, job, life situation, pet, the freedom to travel or anything else important in your life, please join us. All are welcome-bring a friend!

Adopt a Seminarian....

Consider adopting a seminarian who is discerning, preparing and studying for service in the priesthood for the Diocese of Albany. Choose one seminarian, pray for him regularly and/or consider writing him a note of encourage periodically.

For names and seminary addresses CLICK HERE

Habitat for Humanity...30 YEARS

Do you believe in the mission of HFHOC, that is, to eliminate all substandard and unaffordable housing in Otsego County?  If you do, please consider joining us in this work.

To learn more about Habitat CLICK HERE

Contact Marjorie Pietraface at [email protected] to get more information.

Step Up Men's Conference

The Diocese of Albany is hosting the Step Up Men's Conference on Saturday, 20 August 2022 from 9 AM to 5 PM at the Our Lady of Martyrs Shrine in Auriesville.

The Step Up Men's Conference will give men the tools needed to grow in holiness in their everyday lives  so as to grow in our relationship with Christ and establish a plan to bring this energy back to our families and parish families.

The event will include presentations from Fr. Donald Calloway and Fr. Roger Landry, Reconciliation, Adoration, Rosary, and the Eucharist.

The cost is $50 per person and includes lunch; College age and younger men are FREE. 

For more information and to register:  https://www.rcda.org/StepUp

Catholic Women Preach

Would Jesus have hung out in a dive bar???

—and not just to convert its patrons CLICK HERE

Remembering Hiroshima & Nagasaki

August 6th and 9th will be the 77th anniversary of the dropping of the nuclear bomb on the cities of Horishima and Nagasaki. We will pray that day remains the final time in history for atomic weapons to be used against humans.

St. Augustine Church, 25 115th Street, Troy, New York, will host Prayers for Peace on Tuesday, August 9, at 7PM. We will pray for peace in Ukraine, Yemen, and all places where wars are occurring and for the elimination of nuclear weapons.

This interfaith event will be held in collaboration with the Grafton Peace Pagoda.

Consider reading John Hersey's book, Hiroshima.

Walking with Moms in Need ----------- A Catholic Response

Moving Forward: Walking with Moms in Need in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany

The Supreme Court ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, is not the end goal for the Catholic Church. It’s a call to continuing action. We must walk with pregnant women in need, building a culture of life that helps them as they journey through pregnancy and into parenthood. 

To that extent, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany is asking each of its parishes to join a nationwide effort called Walking with Moms in Need. Parishes are being asked to identify resources in their community that already exist, identify needs that are not yet being met, and to take steps to bridge those gaps.  The goal is to create a process that enables Catholic parishes and communities to “walk in the shoes” of these moms in need. We don’t point them in the direction of help, we journey with them.

The initiative is a response to Pope Francis’ challenge to go to the margins, to be present, and to make a difference. Each parish has gifts to offer, God-given gifts, but they are not for us to hang onto. Those gifts are to be shared and by the grace of God, used to help meet the needs in our communities. 


Utica: The Last Refuge

The Otsego Refugee Resettlement Coalition invites the local community to a screening of the documentary film Utica: The Last Refuge at Foothills Performing Arts Center in Oneonta on Thursday August 11 at 6 P.M. There is no cost, but donations are gratefully accepted. Please see the trailer here. https://vimeo.com/279482967

The film opens with the Azeins, a refugee family of four from Sudan, arriving at Syracuse International Airport. After spending six years in a camp in Ethiopia, they have finally made it to the US. An employee of Utica’s refugee resettlement agency, he sees their needs.

The Mohawk Valley Resource Center for Refugees (now known as the Center in Utica) is regarded nationally as a model agency for how refugee resettlement is done, for how they guide Utica’s refugees into comfortable jobs and lives, but they are suddenly facing new stresses.

The typical ups and downs of the Azeins' story of acclimation is softened by Utica itself. A small city rebounding after its population fell from a high of nearly 110,000 in the 1960s to a low of about 60,000, Utica is building its recovery around refugees. Local politicians, from the Mayor on down, extol the virtues of Utica’s diversity. The refugees, they say, are hardworking and dedicated.

Will Utica’s economic turnaround be slowed by a drop in incoming refugees? Will the Azeins find a way to support themselves? Utica: The Last Refuge looks at what happens to refugees and the communities that welcome them when refugees arrive in the United States to rebuild their lives.

Catholic Charities Cash Raffle



$20.00 donation

1st Prize - $1200; 2nd Prize - $500

3rd Prize - $300

Date of drawing: Wednesday, 14 September 2022

You need not be present to win.

Project Rachel : Post-Abortion Care

Project Rachel, the U.S. Catholic Church's ministry to those who have been involved in abortion, is a diocesan-based network of specially trained priests, religious, counselors, and laypersons who provide a team response of care for those suffering in the aftermath of abortion. For more information CLICK HERE

Refugee Resettlement Coalition

You can make a difference. Oneonta much closer to being able to welcome one or more refugee families. This support must be done via Sponsorship, we therefore need to raise at least $3,000 to $7,000 per family. No donation is too small!  If you know of other people who wish to donate, please encourage them to do so soon.

Donations can be made by checks mailed to the Foundation of Otsego County, P.O. Box 55, Springfield Center, N.Y. 13468. You need to indicate that the donation is for the "Refugee Resettlement Coalition"

Suggested Spiritual Summer Reading: Monasticism for Laypeople

The Monastic Heart: 50 Simple Practices for a Contemplative and Fulfilling Life by Sr. Joan Chittister, OSB.

Monasticism has nurtured the life of Sr. Joan for 70 years. Her enthusiam for onast life is infectious, and her joy is palpable. The Monastic Heart turns monastic language into language people can understand in their own lives. Joan distills the 1,500 year-old Rule of Saint Benedict for contemporary laity.

Technology Safety & Internet Safety Through the Eyes of Faith

Being a parent isn't easy. It can often feel overwhelming.  Throw in the Internet, social networks, computers, mobile, and gaming devices and things can often seem impossible.  That's where this safety guide comes in.

Jointly developed by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) and the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America (GOA), this site is an attempt to give you some simple, straightforward advice and tools on how to navigate this digital world with your family. 


This site and the Faith and Safety initiative has been made possible in part by generous grants from the Catholic Communications Campaign and by the Archbishop Iakovos Leadership 100 Endowment Fund

What is an annulment of a marriage? 2 Articles...

One of the most misunderstood aspects of our faith is the process known as an annulment of a marriage. For a very good article on understanding what a Catholic Church annulment is and is not. CLICK HERE

At this time in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany, there is NO administrastive or application fee to petition the Church to inquire about the sacramentality of a marriage. To inquire about the annulment process or to begin the process you can begin with your pastor or call the Office of Canonical Services directly at 518.453.6620.

For a 2nd article entitled: The painful, grace-filled and hopefully healing process of seeking an annulment CLICK HERE

Seeking help for drug addiction or know someone who needs help?

Drug Addicts Anonymous - Drogadictos Anonimos is a non-profit association that offers all of its services free of charge. Our mission is to help people with problems of addiction to recover, regardless of their legal, or economic status or ethnicity. Primarily, its focus is on people who cannot receive help because of their legal situation and do not have the resources to solicit help in places that require payment.

The biggest impact is not only in helping people to liberate themselves from the slavery of drugs, we want to help them change their lives. We help them reintegrate back into society with a way of being, thinking, and acting.  We ask the community for their support with your monetary donations or help us out with one of our fundraising T-shirts. It’s all possible with the great support of the community as together we strive toward success.

For information on Grupo "Unidad" in Jeffersonville, New York and other houses, go to www.daamerica.org or CLICK HERE

Pass this information to people you know who maybe seeking help from drug addiction 1.845.482.2486.

Saint Mary's Food Pantry

The number for the Food Pantry is 607.386.2623The pantry is OPEN Monday, Wednesday & Friday; 11am - 3 pm.  Beginning, 15 February 2021 appointments are no longer required but appreciated. After you arrive, someone will come out with a clip board listing what the food pantry has in stock. You will have time to make your selections and your requests will be brought out to you.

Needs Network

Items needed for Catholic Charities SRO (Single Room Occupancy) Houses

Items are to be placed in the Needs Network container in the gathering area of the church.  Before and after Mass as well as week days when the church is open. Questions can be directed to John Korb: 607-267-0527.

New or slightly used twin bed sheet set, blankets light and heavy for twin beds

Hygiene items for female & male: shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, razors, body wash

For the ladies: unopened cosmetics, baby powder (not talcum)

Living Well...

Living with a chronic condition like diabetes, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, COPD/ asthma, heart disease, or cancer?


Help educate a child

For over five years, St. Mary’s Parish through its Peace and Justice Ministries has sponsored children to attend school in San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala.  Currently we have eight students who have received enough scholarship assistance from us to attend school from 7th grade through graduation.  Many of the children are native Mayan and come from very poor family situations and this education provides an opportunity for them to have a better future.

One year of schooling costs $250.00, six years $1500.00.  Might you consider sponsoring a child?  Any amount that you may be able to give will be combined with funds from the Peace and Justice Ministry to provide scholarship support. Student needs are greater than ever at this time as a result of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic.

If you wish to contribute to the scholarship program, please write a check to St. Mary’s Church and note on the memo line that the check is for scholarships.  The check can be dropped off at the Rectory.  Questions?  Call Marjorie Pietraface at 432-1385.

Online Donating

Diocesan Appeal: Your Gift Matters

Have Saint Mary's in your Pocket

Have parish information and our website on your phone. Saint Mary's Parish has an APP that you can install for FREE. You will have available on your phone, access to our parish website, the daily scripture readings, Sunday's homily, New Pilgrim Path, a website of online spiritual resources and more.

For Android Phones

Go to Play Store.

In the search box type: Saint Mary's Church, Oneonta.

Look for WeConnect Parish App, Liturgical Publications with the above logo.

CLICK to Install.

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Go to App Store.

In the search box type: WeConnect.

Scroll to WeConnect Parish with the above logo CLICK on GET then CLICK on INSTALL.

It will ask permission to use your location, CLICK ALLOW.

Then Saint Mary's Church should appear on the list choose Saint Mary's Church.


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A Prayer to Welcome the Lord's Day

A Prayer to Welcome the Lord’s Day  

[To be prayed at sunset on Saturday evening or Sunday morning.]

God, our God, creator of the ever expanding Universe, we give you praise and thanks for the glory of creation that reveals your presence to us and the Death and Resurrection of your Son, Jesus Christ that is your great act of love for us.

 As we begin to keep this Lord’s Day, renew us in spirit and body that we may serve you in holiness throughout the week.

We ask this through Jesus Christ who died that we might have life in abundance and lives and reigns with you and the Life-Giving Holy Spirit, our God, forever and ever. Amen.

For more on The Lord's Day, check out Bite Size Catholic Living 10 CLICK HERE.

For other aspects of Bite Size Catholic Living, check the MENU above

The Daily EXAMEN

The Daily Examen is an Ignatian technique of prayerful reflection on the events of the day in order to detect God’s presence and discern his direction for us. The Examen is an ancient practice in the Church that can help us see God’s hand at work in our whole experience. To explore this form of prayer CLICK HERE

Articles on Prayer

5 Tips for Prayer CLICK HERE

Pray Constantly CLICK HERE

Why does it seem that sometimes God does not answer our prayers CLICK HERE

On Fighting Distraction in prayer CLICK HERE

On Perseverance, it is necessary for prayer CLICK HERE

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Prayer can be a Struggle CLICK HERE

Meditation is for Everyone CLICK HERE

Want a Better Prayer Life? Be Honest. CLICK HERE

How to pray with the Bible...

3 Youtube presentations on how to pray with the Bible, the Word of God. This is called 'lectio divina' or 'sacred reading'.

How to Pray the Rosary

Hail Mary, highly favoured daughter, God is with you... CLICK HERE