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God’s Seedy People – A Sermon On Mark 4:26-34

When you look at your life today, what’s different compared to your life a year ago, three, five, twenty years ago?  I’m not asking about circumstances or events. I am asking about you. In what ways have you changed? Have your values changed, the things that guide and direct your life? Are your priorities different? Has your spirituality changed? Your concerns for the world and others? What troubles your soul and breaks your heart these days? Are you loving in a new way? How has your self-image changed or the way you view the world? What seeds have germinated and taken root in you? What new sprouts are coming up in you? Where is growth taking place and what does that look like? And how did any of that happen? There is a dynamism about our lives, a spirit moving within us. Every one of us has been seeded and something is growing within us.

Where Are You? – A Sermon On Genesis 3:8-15

God called to Adam, “Where are you?” I wonder if we need to re-hear that question from God. I think we are so familiar with the Adam and Eve stories and so sure that they are about disobedience, original sin, failure, and being bad that we can’t hear anything new or different. But what if there is another way to hear God’s question. What if God is calling Adam and Eve back to themselves? What if the question is more for Adam and Eve’s benefit than God’s? And what if it’s the kind of question we are to ponder and follow rather than answer? “Where are you?” 

Our Advocates – A Pentecost Sermon On John 15:26-27; 16:4-15

In today’s gospel Jesus talks about the coming of the Advocate, the Spirit of Truth. What if the Advocate, in whatever ways she or he shows up, comes not to advocate to another on our behalf but to advocate to us on our own behalf?  They are truth tellers for us. They call us more deeply into our authentic selves. They are the ones who transform and change our lives. Who are those people for you?

Working Out Our Life – A Sermon On John 17:6-19

In today’s gospel Jesus is praying. He’s not talking to the disciples and he’s not talking to us. He’s not teaching and he’s not giving instructions. He’s praying, and we’re listening in. And what a prayer it is. What do you hear in his prayer? I’m not just asking about what he prays for. I’m asking about what’s behind his prayer. What’s going on in him? What’s his prayer really about?

Wholehearted Life – A Sermon On John 15:1-8

Fifth Sunday of Easter, Year B – John 15:1-8 Think about what you do in your daily life that just leaves you exhausted. I am talking about the things that leave you emotionally drained and physically worn out. These are not the kind of things for which sleeping late, taking a day off, or going on vacation are the antidote. It’s about more than just …

Love Without Reserve – A Sermon On John 10:11-18

What if you and I are to be good shepherds too? What if laying down life is really about love and how we are to love? Isn’t that what we heard in today’s epistle (1 John 3:16-24)? “We know love by this, that he laid down his life for us - and we ought to lay down our lives for one another.” I wonder where that kind of love is in your life today, what it asks of you, what it offers you. Is it in your marriage, parenting, friendships? At work? Is it the lens through which you see the world and the daily struggles of people? Is it at the heart of your conversations, actions, decisions? If it is, what does it look like? How are you experiencing it? And if it’s not, why not? What would your need to change to love that way?

Here’s My Question – An Easter Sermon On Mark 16:1-18

Alleluia. Christ is risen. I wonder what that means for you today and why it matters. I don’t think we can understand what today really means apart from this past week. Without Holy Week we risk coming to this day and asking, “Risen from what?” We risk coming to this day believing it is only about Jesus’ resurrection and not our own. And what good is it to us if Jesus has been raised but we have not?

Waiting – A Sermon On Matthew 27:57-66

Here’s my question. What are you waiting for? And what is your hope on this day? The thing that makes Holy Saturday so difficult, that makes this gospel text so unsatisfying, that leaves my sermon lacking is that there is no resolution. There is only waiting.  You’ve had days like that, so have I. And sometimes it’s not just a single day of waiting. It’s weeks, months, years. Our life has been changed and it’s no longer like it used to be. We wait and wonder what’s next or if there will be a next. We wait and wonder when it will get better or if it will get better. We wait and wonder how we will ever live again or if we will.

A Call For Change – A Sermon On John 18:1-19:42

Here’s my question. What is the cross of Jesus asking for in your life today? And what is it showing you?  Most of us come to Good Friday believing that the cross gave us something. Most of us come to this day saying that “Jesus died for our sins.” I’m not so sure anymore. I struggle with the torture and execution of Jesus. I suspect most of us do. I can’t make sense of it and I’m not sure Jesus could either. I want to rethink the meaning of Good Friday and the usual ways we interpret it.

Coming Clean About Ourselves – A Sermon On John 13:1-17, 31-35

Here’s my question. What in you needs to come clean tonight? And what is your fear about that? This is not about whether you will wash someone’s feet or take off your shoes and socks and let your feet be washed. This is about your own sense of worthiness and whether you are enough.  I wonder if the question of worthiness is why more people will come to church on Good Friday than tonight. Maybe it’s why more people glory in the cross than the basin. We’re okay with Jesus dying for our sins but not okay with him washing our feet. I think the same reason lies behind both of those things: we don’t feel worthy.