St. Mary's Food Pantry

St. Mary's Food Pantry is located on the back side of the Parish Center at 38 Walnut St. It is open from Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 11:00 am - 3:00 pm.

Visit our galleries page to see a slide show of our pantry.


St. Mary's Food Pantry is proud to be a participant in Jazzy's Place pet food program.

Jazzy’s Place is an initiative of a New York-based foundation dedicated to keeping dogs out of shelters and with the people who love them. It provides grant funding to food pantries that is put on account at the Regional Food Bank and Food Bank of the Hudson Valley to be used specifically to acquire dog food for individuals and families who are struggling to feed themselves and their dogs. Jazzy’s Place is entering the second year of its dog food initiative and is now pleased to be able to expand this program and invite additional food pantries to participate.

John and Murphy

John found Murphy in an alley wandering alone and scared. They have been constant companions since. Murphy is a sweet, personable little dog who loves people. We enjoy his visits and he is always so happy to see us.